Beat Challenges About Winter Running Gear

Best Challenges

Finding the best challenges about winter running gear is crucial for the overall enjoyment of this sport. Some of my favorite pieces of winter running gears have come from very reasonable purchases, which weren’t necessarily worth the money – but have turned into an absolute staple and now last for years.

Ability To Keep Warm

One big factor when looking for great gear is the ability to keep warm. So I always have a fleece jacket on my runs. My favorite one so far is the Alpine jacket that I got from Runners Footwear. The fleece is extremely breathable and is great for keeping the heat out of your body all day.

Purchase Favorite Pieces of winter
Beat Challenges About Winter Running Gear

Breathable Material: Best Challenges

If you’re running in the snow, you need to look for something that’s not only lightweight but easy to put on and off. I always prefer to go with fleece pants, because they’re so comfortable and also lightweight. You must have breathable material on your winter running shoes as well. That way, your feet don’t sweat through the shoes as quickly. A good pair of shoes should also allow your feet to breathe without constricting them.

Finding Running Gloves

I’m all about finding running gloves that are thick enough to keep my hands warm without becoming cumbersome. They need to be thick enough that they provide a bit of a shield against the wind and cold – but they should have some ventilation pockets on the fingers. This helps to keep any excess moisture from building up around the fingers. Having a good set of gloves also means that you can wear more than one at the same time.

Pair Of Thick Wool Socks

My best friend, when it comes to winter running, is a pair of thick wool socks. I’ve tried wool socks that are thick, thin, or anywhere in between. I like wool socks because they absorb a lot of sweat so that I’m not constantly getting soaked through my socks. I find that they’re great for wicking away moisture while also keeping your feet dry.

List Of Winter Running

Gloves, pants, boots, and socks are only the beginning of the list of winter running essentials. You need a pair of hiking boots to protect you in the woods and overland trail. It’s good to have some kind of knee pad or boot for running on rocks and hard surfaces – and slippery surfaces. Some of the most popular brands include New Balance, Adidas, Mavic, and Gore-tex.

Useful Gear: Best Challenges

A lot of the most important and useful gear isn’t necessarily the least expensive – but it’s the biggest part of the equation. I tend to find that the best brand names tend to be the most expensive.

Try Different Brands: Best Challenges

Finding great winter sports gear is a matter of trying different brands and finding the best deal possible on all the essentials. That way, you can get the whole set at a lower price and save a ton of money by doing this often!

Buying Winter Sports Gear

If you’re serious about buying winter sports gear, consider getting a few pairs of socks. Having two pairs of socks will keep your feet dry in the wet surface or a wet knee pad. The key with wool socks is that they don’t wick moisture away from your skin.

Best Runner Footwear For Winter
Beat Challenges About Winter Running Gear

Light And Flexible: Best Challenges

As far as gloves go, you’re looking for something very light and flexible – since you’re going to be moving around a lot while running in the woods and mountains. There are some great winter sports gloves out there. Such as Merrel and Nike, but I prefer a pair of Vibram, which is made of neoprene and has a bit of a traction feature.
A good pair of running shoes will last a long time. That way, you’ll always be able to keep your feet dry while running.


Now that you know what your winter sports gear is, you may want to get a pair of running shoes that don’t feel like a pair of shoes but will provide adequate protection. When you’re out and about, you don’t have the comfort of a traditional running shoe.

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