Best Running Shoes For Men: How To Find Them And Where

Best Running Shoes For Men: How To Find Them

Finding the right size of running shoes for men is crucial. Avoiding injuries and for enhancing your running experience. Let’s face it; it’s hard to stay motivated when your shoes don’t fit correctly. While we talked about a shoe’s fit earlier, let’s take an even closer look at some of the factors that go into determining proper sizing. Here are a few aspects to look into for finding Running Shoes For Men.

Best Running Shoes For Men: How To Find Them And Where
Best Running Shoes For Men: How To Find Them And Where

How To Look For Running Shoes For Men


A basic rule of thumb when sizing running shoes is that your foot will need more space because it naturally expands while running. Leave a little extra space, in both length and width, but not too much. Regarding length, you should leave a finger width of space between your big toe and the tip of the shoe. You may need to go up a size if you consistently run at longer distances. Sure signs that your shoes are too short include bruised toes and lost toenails.


Width is just as important as length for finding a good fit. Some people have wider feet than others, while others have a narrower width than normal. You’ll know that your shoe’s width isn’t right when there’s too much friction between your foot and shoe – which can lead to blisters quite easily.

Shoe Brand: Best Running Shoes For Men

The Brand of the shoe matters as much as anything. Different brands make shoes differently. Their scales are different. The stretch and quality of fabric differ. As well as their structural design. It is beat to get your feet measured every time you buy shoes. It is also preferable to take a walk around the store in those shoes. To check ever stretch and bend of the material. And how it benefits your movement! Your feet tend to swell during the day.  Making it quite necessary to choose the right time of the day for a good fitting. Make your investment in a good shoe knowing it only enhances your performance level!

Bring Your Socks And Orthotics: Best Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes For Men: How To Find Them And Where
Best Running Shoes For Men: How To Find Them And Where

At the time of buying your perfect running shoes. It is essential you get your accessory gears that go with the shoes. This gives you a preview of how your shoe would perform on a daily basis. Not just on its own. But with harmony with the rest! These ensure you include the space occupied by the socks and Orthotics into your shoe size. Hence improving both comfort and support.

Find Your Shoe Flex Point

Your feet need to be able to breathe, flex and move in your shoe. With a lack of support in the heel area and lack of flexibility. Can lead to injuries and sprains. It is important you find the bending point of your shoe. And it should match perfectly with the flexed arch of your foot. This harmony ensures the most optimum level of comfort and support.

Signs That Your Shoes Aren’t The Right Size

In Running Shoes For Men how you shoe make your feet fell is the key to knowing what shoe size is right for you.

  • Blisters around the heel and toes indicate a smaller size.
  • Numbness on the toes indicates that they are either too short or narrow.
  • If you aren’t able to slide off from your shoe without completely losing all of it. It may be a sign to go up a size.
  • If your heel is slipping, it is obvious the size is too big.
  • Bruised toes and broken nails mean that the front compartment is too small your toes.
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