Nike Running Shoes: Best Of Them

Nike Running Shoes: Best Of Them

Nike is one of the leading brands that have been around for years. Thirty years to be exact, in the history of Nike Pegasus. Ever since they have mastered and remastered their technologies for inventing athletic shoes of all kinds. If you’re an athlete looking for trying your hand in Nike Running Shoes. It is best advised to first know what they have to offer. Your shoes must feel like they were made for you. Give your optimum comfort and enhance your performance. So why wait? Let’s jump into the types of running shoes Nike has to offer!

Nike Zoom Running Shoes

One of the first and most successful launches of the “Zoom” series. It is meant for daily running, training, and marathons. They are designed to be fast and responsive. Well-cushioned and supported. Durability is high for its daily use motto. One of the most basic yet user-friendly design

Nike Zoom | Pegasus 36

This model is known for being reliable, durable and has tested versatile features. This design of the Pegasus launch comes with a reasonable price, trendy looks and ensures a good run.

They are snugly fit and the upper sole is modern enough to resist chafing. Great rubber coverage on the outer sole.

Nike Running Shoes: Best Of Them
Nike Running Shoes: Best Of Them

Nike Winflow 5

The Winflo 5 is a similar design to the Pegasus serious. With a more compact zoom unit. Meant for beginners to gain on their running mileage. Comes with a great price value. Has a sturdy grip and comfortable cushioned midsole. Heels are provided with pads. Reduced shock resistance. Suitable to endure long and rough training.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo

The Zoom Pegasus 35 is a lighter and more mobile version of the normal Pegasus. It supports faster training and track workouts. The use of foam in the midsole makes it lightweight. With soft cushiony comfort. It is a sleek design that enhances training.

Nike Running Shoes: Best Of Them

Nike Zoom Vomero 15

This model is one of the designs that offer maximum cushioning. Supports long hours of training. Built to be durable. It is one of the best designs when it comes to looks. Comes with a flywire that looks down your foot for better grip. Designed to ensure a faster pace.

Nike React Running Shoes

The name React was given to a different foam line. This design was initially made for basketball training. But gained huge popularity in running and other extensive training. The unique cushioning is responsive and adds comfort. This line of React shoes came with a huge variety for optimum performance insurance.

Nike Free Running Shoes

The Free running shoes of Nike came with a huge variety for racing and running shoes. This design kept in mind the balance of your foot. With elements to stimulate your feet muscles. Extreme guaranteed flexibility and durability was one of the charms of this series.

Nike Trail Running Shoes

Nike’s only series that supported Trails. Well equipped models that promised to take in any kind of beating. Suitable for varied terrains. Like the Nike Zoom Tera Tiger 5 and Wildhorse 5 are the top designs that endured rough trails and tracks. Ensuring better grip and firmness.

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