10 Running Tips for Beginners

running tips for beginners

Why You Need Running Tips for Beginners

Motivation to run comes in different ways. You may have seen runners pass through your area or you may just be looking to keep fit. Whatever the reason is for you to start running, as a beginner, you don’t get to start running like the pros. There are running tips for beginners that will make running as much fun and as effective for you. 10 running tips are discussed below.

10 Running Tips For Beginners

Just Get Out There

Just thinking about getting started won’t get you anywhere. It is advisable to seek knowledge on new advents but you still have to get out there and run. You have to make running a habit for you to get the hang of it.

Establish Running Short Intervals

You’re a beginner. Your goal should be to run, not to run the whole distance at a go. Do not be ashamed of the run-walk method. Infact, embrace it. Take time to walk between runs. An idea is to start with an equal amount of minutes for running and jogging. Then as time goes on, you can increase the running time by a min every week. The recommended way to be a runner for a beginner is the run-walk method.

Set A Time Goal

Instead of setting a certain pace or distance goal for yourself, just set a time goal as a beginner. You can then move to other challenges after a while. You may start with 20mins and then increase it gradually.

best running tips for beginners
best running tips for beginners

Warm Up And Cool Down

You don’t become a runner until you treat yourself as one. You should therefore use proper techniques when running. Warm up and cool down periods are really critical for runners. A good warm up energizes your body to keep going and going, thereby making the race easier. Cooling down also gets your body used to running and helps habituate your body to the resting stage. You cool down by walking for a moment. These periods are really important for an effective run. When you warm up and cool down, the body also gets cleansed.

Run In New Places

You’re a beginner, so running may prove tiresome at the start. A way to take your mind off running is to run at places you’ve not been to before. Explore new places, run at new parks.

Explore Varieties Of Surfaces

Another way to make running fun for beginners is to run on different surfaces. Run on new roads, dirt pathways, treadmill at the gym, local tracks and more. You should alternate running on different surfaces. That the path is softer does not make it better.

Make Steady Progress

You should note that doing too much too much will overexert you, may cause injury and wear you out. This is why you have to progress at your pace. Extend your running time when you feel it’s time. You may also increase the number of runs per week when you feel confident about it. Do not exceed 10 percent increase in running time or number of runs per week. Know that there are tips you should follow if you’re fast running.

Space Your Runs

Since you’re not used to steady runs everyday, it may be a good idea to space your runs. As a beginner, you should probably have a day’s rest between running intervals. The space is to avoid overexertion and get your good used to running.

Take Good Care Of Your Body

Running is an exercise of the whole body. You need to generally be fit to attempt running. Therefore, taking care of your body is paramount to have a good run.
Avoid eating solids before your runs as side aches may occur as a result.

good running tips for beginners
good running tips for beginners

Do Not Be Discouraged

One bad run may occur. You may be too tired to run sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up too much. Just get up and run. Focus on what motivates you to run when you feel discouraged.


Running without following the established tips may tire the runner out. These running tips for beginners go a long way to acclimate a beginner to running. Ultimately, making your runs fun goes a long way to get you used to running.

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